Happy Birthday 

​Dear husband,

Today (Aug 25) we celebrate you by hanging streamers, baking a cake and signing some cards. We will tell you that we love you and beam with excitement as we show you all of our hard work. We will pour you a celebratory glass of 40 Creek, we will order take out, we will snuggle and we will watch the ball game.  It will be low key, peaceful and exactly what you want but fall short on what you deserve. 

The word the day on dictionary.com is mirabilia which means marvels; miracles. It’s the perfect word for your birthday. In a world full of people whom are misguided and distracted you are mirabilia. You are focused on what really matters in life and that makes you the greatest husband, father, friend and leader. I am so lucky to have a seat next to you in this crazy life.  

Thank you for being present in our lives, prioritizing our family unit above all else, shining with pride while celebrating our little ones accomplishmemts, being honest, kind and humble. #retrovalues #NOregrets

Happy birthday Jamie. 

I love you